Spring 2007 Conference --- May 18 - 20. Tom Holcombe's Sore Elbow Forge, Bozeman, Montana


Demonstrators:  Glenn Gilmore,  Gilmore Metalsmithing, Hamilton, MT

                        Marcus Engler,  Raven Forge, Bozeman, MT


Two Demonstrators. Two different approaches to designing and building a three-leg stand.


Marcus Engler explaining a process


  Two-hammer Marcus


  Bending steel in his bare hands


   Marcus forge welding to make a square corner.


Precision powerhammer forging by Glenn Gilmore


Glenn Gilmore making a spring fuller with help from Mike.



Glenn using the spring fuller to make a candle cup from a length of pipe.                Finishing the candle cup on the horn of the anvil.


Glenn forging a taper to the edge of a foot, using an accessory slip-on wedge die on top of the power hammer's standard flat die.


Glenn using vise inserts to perfect the radiused shoulders of his foot (from previous photo).


Glenn bending his curved leg using a jig so that all three curves will be identical.



Glenn forming a tenon in his hydraulic press.


Glenn hot-punching a hole with Rob Detlaff striking.


Ken Pomeroy and Gary Wegner drifting holes in Marcus' stand.


   Sunday Morning's Bozeman Chronicle. (May 20, 2007)



Ron Ellis drove over 1100 miles to attend.                               Jean Melton


President, Ben Lund with Art Anderson of Lolo, Montana


Art with the new NRBA trailer he fitted out for us.


Art explaining interior layout of the new NRBA trailer. (Most of the equipment is out being used at the conference.)



Association secretary and newsletter editor Marilyn Lund.       


Our host, Tom Holcombe & Jim Bolinger auctioning to raise funds for the support of the NRBA.


Two demonstrators. Two three-leg stands; Bitterroot and Gallatin Valley styles. Glenn bought Marcus' stand at the auction.

Northern Rockies Blacksmith Association.  

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