ABANA 2016 - Salt Lake City

Mark Aspery initiating the next generation of blacksmiths.


Dual strikers on the Jake James sculpture project.


Striking on the Jake James project, using a flatter.


Straightening a component of the Jake James sculpture under the flypress. Wood blocks to prevent disfigurement of the piece igniting from the heat.


Another of the four teams working on the Jake James sculpture.


Jake, with the finished sculpture of Hephaestus the Blacksmith.


Monica Coyne forging her tapered dovetail joint on her pelvis sculpture.


Steps involved to construct the tapered dovetail, in order, bottom to top.


The pelvis sculpture, completed.


Another example of two of her joints in use---the intersection of supports for a glass top table..


Repouss demonstration.


Knifemaking demonstration.


Components of the ABANA ring project---a handrail to be donated to and installed at the Salt Lake Fairpark that hosted the conference.


A dragon, by demonstrator Roberto Giordani---about five inches high.


Roberto, tweaking a rib on his fish sculpture.


Roberto and his team.


The completed fish sculpture.


NRBA members together at the ABANA banquet.


The auctioneer, attempting to get another bid on the Giordani fish from the photographer.


Some of the blacksmiths attending the ABANA conference in Salt Lake City.

And, for hundreds more photos, see  ABANA 2016 Salt Lake - on Photobucket

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