Spring Conference, 2012   Jim Bolinger's St. Mary's Forge, Stevensville, Montana


Erecting our hand forged sign.

Grant Luark stoking the fire (above) and forging a foot (below).


   Joel Machler filing the shoulders of a tenon square.


Frank Donohue monkeying the shoulders of a tenon.



Steve Fontanini adding detail to a foot...                                                                                                                                              ... and checking for straightness using an eyecrometer.


  Upsetting the end of a bar to form a foot.


Jim Bollinger butchering the end of a bar with a top tool under a power hammer to establish the transition to a tenon.


   Scott Roberts helping out a new member with the basics of drawing out a taper.


Jim Bollinger auctioning a valuable piece of leftover slag from the coal forge for big money.

  Active bidding.

I guess Steve Fontanini didn't have to buy it---Glenn Gilmore did.



  Annette Lavalette studying.



Past president, Bill Kelly, has rejoined our association.


Our two wonderful cooks, Janie Luark and Jean Melton.


Our group project, finished:

Top of legs, appearing to pass through tabletop, are actually removable cap-nuts.


Leg detail: Cross-stretchers retained by square-section wedges driven through square holes in their tenons, permit disassembling table base into two H-form leg units for easier transport.


Overlapping tabletop rim---repeating the detail of our club sign.



Fencing section by Scott Espelin


  Detail: Frank Annighofer's guardrail section.



A new blacksmith with his high school senior project.

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