NRBA Conference   Fall 2005 at Ben Lund's, near Fort Benton, MT

We commence building the sign project for ABANA 2006, designed by Tony Stewart at the Spring 2005 Conference.


The assembled multitude.

Judge, Detlaff, Stewart, Donahue, Bolinger, Lund, Moore, (Forgive me), Anderson, Melton, Hill.


Tony Stewart, center, Laying out for Ben Lund and Jim Bolinger.

Tony Stewart advising Rob Detlaff.

Dan'l Moore at the 50-pound Little Giant

Dan'l Moore straightening a bar on the anvil.

Stewart with Set hammer while Moore orients.

Ben Lund centerboring the end of a square bar on his Clausing 17x120 lathe.

Brian Judge marks while Ben Lund advises.

  Forming half of the ball finial from 1/8 inch plate.

Jim Bolinger forging a tenon.

Our hosts, Marilyn and Ben Lund.

All photos by Susan Judge:  

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