NRBA Conference Fall 2010, at Jim Bolinger's St. Mary's Forge, Stevensville, Montana, September 17 - 19.

Our host, Jim Bolinger making last-minute preparations.


Gerome Weinand recycling ---   preparing to reforge bronze scrap into a mokume damascus billet.

Steel ladder-damascus billet forged by Gerome Weinand.


Ed Auger forging a horsehead from the end of a horseshoe.                                                                                          A punch, forged for making the horse's eye.



Twising a  grooved section of 1-inch square bar.


Straightening the twist, using wood blocks, to avoid damaging the ridges of the twist..


Ben Lund preparing to make a precision punchmark.


Rob Detlaff forging a punch.


Frank and Daria, double-striking---using Rob's new punch to drive a hole through the 1-inch bar, below.

Jim Bolinger forging a rectangular tenon onto the end of one of the bars.


Our newest member, Daria.


Newly-arrived treasures.


Mike Sousa.


John Cook demonstrating his finesse with a hand drill.


Art Anderson


Reviewing the club's specialist Library.



Steak-Turner handle forged by Ed Auger.


    Trivet by Steve Herndon.


Custom knives by Gerome Weinand.


Mystery intersecting rivet-tenons on a firewood rack by Scott Roberts

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