NRBA Fall Conference September 16 - 18, 2016 at Scott & Terry Hall's, Bozeman, Montana

Master Blacksmith from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Steve Fontanini Demonstrator.

Steve brought several different pieces that he had forged ahead, showing a broad variety of techniques and processes. He then proceeded to demonstrate to the members how to make them. Finally, members took up their hammers and went to work, forging the pieces themselves.



Three-Way Beer Opener

Isolating and drawing mass for the hook.


Bending the hook


Decorating the handle



Isolating mass for a ball end using a fuller top-tool under the power hammer


Shaping a ball end


Isolating material for a ball on the other end using a fuller with the aid of a striker, Hial Steele


Drawing out the center for the shackle arms


Forging a ball end into a disc


Punching a hole in a disc end


Bending the forged bar around into the finished shackle form




Creasing the baseplate


Forging holes in the previously-split support arm with a slot punch


Forging and scalloping the candle cups



Wall-Mounted Plant Hanger

Twisting an isolated square end 90 degrees to forge a penny scroll


Ready to forge the square end to round


Finishing the penny scroll


Forging out another finial element using a set hammer with the aid of a striker---our host, Scott Hall


Beveling one edge of the chisel-split bottom of the backplate



Members forging Fontanini's designs for themselves



Past president, Dan'l Moore


Past presidents, Jim Bolinger and Morris Hallowell; demonstrator, Steve Fontanini.


NRBA Board: Scott Hall, Andy Olds [and son], Frank Annighofer, Hial Steele, and Russ Evertz




Visit Steve Fontanini's website:

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