NRBA Spring Conference 2018 --- Dave & Debbie Osmundsen's Arrowhead Forge, Buffalo, WY

Dave Osmundsen

This was a hands-on weekend continuing our educational program by teaching how to forge a leafing hammer which is a tool needed for the level 3 of the NRBA Curriculum. Everyone interested in participating in the workshop part of the conference was encouraged to bring his own hand tools, forge anvil, etc. NRBA had some extra forges and anvils set up for folks who couldn't bring one. Tongs that can handle 1 square and 3/4 round were helpful.

This was a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of making the tooling and forging a hammer head.



The projects: A leafing hammer, as well as the punch and drift for the hammer's eye


Dave explaining the processes


Dave filing his punch




Jem heating his steel


Jem punching his hammer eye


The hammer eye punched


Dave filing his hammer's working end --- very closely to the hot steel with bare hands.


Dave shaping his hammer head


The hammer eye, drifted.


And members forging their own leafing hammers

Thanks to Joel for the photos.

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