Spring Conference, 2008        May 16 - 18, at Bill Moore's Bar Mill Iron Forge, Big Timber, MT           

Demonstrator: Dave Tuthill 


Forge welding a bar of wrought iron inside a tube of mild steel under the big press


   Forging with a striker.

  This iron is hot.

    Triple Striking


  Member, Martin Hildreth


A table top forged from wrought iron encased in mild steel


  Member, Mike Combs


Dave Tuthill forging a table leg.



   Forging a tenon

   Fullering a table leg under the power hammer

Section of a table leg made of wrought iron encased in mild steel


   Drawing out a plate under the power hammer

  Shaping a bowl

Members, Frank Donahue & Glenn Gilmore

Finished bowl forged from a piece of copper bar, 1 1/2" in diameter, 5 inches long, first squished lengthwise in the big press.


   President, Ben Lund, conducting membership meeting

  Jim Bolinger as auctioneer

Bill Moore's Bar Mill Iron Forge


Portion of the interior of a well-equipped shop.




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