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Touchmark Registry

Blacksmiths, traditionally, sign their work by stamping a mark on a discreet location. The following marks identify work by several NRBA members.

Any NRBA member not represented here yet is welcome to submit an example of his mark for inclusion, stamped on a small bit of steel and sent to Morris Hallowell. PO Box 1445, Livingston, MT 59047

  Doug Adelmann, Anvil-Art  (AD Quarter-Circle Ranch)

  Art Anderson, Pioneer Iron Works

  Frank Annighofer, Wood & Iron Works

  Gerald Biresch, Iron Hammer Forge

   Jem Blueher, Anvil Wagon Works    With committment.

   Dave Brandon,  Pa and Ma Blacksmithing

  Babe Brandon,  Pa and Ma Blacksmithing

  Rob Detlaf

  Dean Ellis, Ellis Iron Works

  Marcus Engler, Raven Forge

       Russell Evertz, The Crag Forge

  Steve Fontanini

   Jeffrey Funk

   Ann Hallowell

   Morris L. Hallowell IV

   Scott Hamilton, Flaming Goose Forge

   Steve Herndon, Flying Bird Forge

   Kermit Indreland [Lazy KW]

   Nathan Kimpell

  Grant Luark, Black Mountain Forge

  Joel Machler, Beaver Creek Forge

  Tim Proffitt

  Lemuel Oehrtman,  Burnt Hollow Forge

  David W. Osmundsen, Arrowhead Forge

        Steve Siegelin

  Don Shanklin, Bear Springs Inc.

  John P. Simmons, Absarokee Blacksmith

       Tony Stewart, Iron Thistle Forge

  Dave Tuthill, Fire Horse Forge

  Wil Wilkins, Firesong Forge

  Kalvin Wille, Magpie Ironmongers

Northern Rockies Blacksmith Association.     Kermit Indreland, president.

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