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The NRBA Library List of Titles

Item Number Title Author
1 101 Metal Projects for the Novice Blacksmith Al Cannella
2 Swedish Blacksmithing Karl-Gunner Noren
3 A Blacksmiths Travel Album  1994 Masters
4 Into the New Iron Age, Modern British Blacksmiths    Chatwin
5 A Blacksmithing Primer McDaniel
6 ABC's of Blacksmithing Wolf
7 A History of Metallography Smith
8 Alfred Habermann, Schmied und Gestalter Elgass
9 American Pewter Kirfoot
10 Animal Silhouettes Sandbeck
11 Antique Iron: Survey of American & English Forms Schiffer
12 Applied Typography Japan
13 Architectural Ironwork Meilach
14 Armor, From Ancient to Modern Times Petr Klucina
15 Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork Menten
16 Art Nouveau Ironwork of Austria & Hungary Santi & Gacher
17 The Smithy's Craft and Tools: Otto Schmirler Wasmuth
18 Art of Coppersmithing: A practical treatise on working sheet copper Fuller
19 Basic Blacksmithing Harries & Heer
20 Beaten Metal Work Horth
21 Beautiful Iron, The Pursuit of Excellence Whitaker
22 Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork: Tools, tech & Inspiration Meilach
23 Bent Iron Work:  Hasluck
24 Metal Design International  2002 Elgass
25 Blacksmithing for Beginners Morre
26 Blacksmiths Manual Illustrated Lillico
27 Blacksmiths Sketchbook Alling
28 Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press  1994 Batson
29 Build Your Own Metalworking Shop-Sheet Metal Brake Gingery
30 Charcoal Foundry Gingery
31 Charcoal & Charcoal Burning Kelly
32 Catalog of Drawings For Wrought Ironwork RDC
33 Charleston Blacksmith-The Work of Phillip Simons Vlach
34 Colonial Wrought Iron Plummer
35 For the Ironworker Wasmuth
36 Contemporary Patination Young
37 Creating Welded Sculpture Hale
38 Decorative Ironwork RDC
39 Decorative Ironwork Campbell
40 Decorative Ironwork and Metalwork Goodwin-Smith
41 Designs:  Wrought Iron: Beautifully Secure Arteferro
43 Drawing Forging & Bending Dies Larson
44 Drawing, You Can Do It Albert
45 Edgar Brandt, Master of Art Deco Ironwork Kahr
46 Edge of the Anvil Andrews
47 Elementary Forge Practice Bacon
48 Elementary Forge Practice Harcourt
49 Fifty Centuries of Art Tayler
52 Forging Character Miller
52 Gas Burner for  Forges, Furnaces & Kilns Porter
53 Foxfire 5 Wigginton
55 Geschmiedtes Eisen Kuhn
56 Hammer Work Larson
57 Hand Forging and Wrought-Iron Ornamental Work Googerty
58 Heartland Blacksmith Reichelt
59 In Line Treadle Hammer: Copy 1 Spencer
60 In Line Treadle Hammer: Copy 2 Spencer
62 Iron Menagerie Guild of Metalsmiths
63 Iron Spirits ND Arts Council
64 Ironwork: Dynamic Details Meilach
65 Knife Making Bergman
66 Kunstschmieden Walz, Hafon
67 Life Force at the Anvil Joyce
69 Metal Spinning Reagan-Smith
71 Mokume Gane Ferguson
72 Moving Metal-The Art of Chasing and Repoussť Steines
73 My Life as an Artist Blacksmith Whitaker
74 Beginning Blacksmithing, One Mississippi Journeyman's View Heath
75 New Edge of the Anvil: Copy 2 Andrews
76 Old-Fashioned Silhouettes Grafton
77 Ornamental Ironwork Southworth
78 Patinas For Small Studios  1995 Charles Lewton-Brain
79 Pattern Book for the Artist Blacksmith Metzger
80 Plain & Ornamental Forging Schwarzkopf
81 Pounding Out The Profits Freund
82 Practical Blacksmithing 2nd Edition Blandford
83 Practical Projects for the Blacksmith Tucker
84 Precisionism In America  1914-1941 Abrams
85 Professional Smithing Streeter
86 Repousse Nahum Herson
87 Samuel Yellin, Metal Worker Andrews
88 Shop Drawings for Blacksmiths Hoffman
89 Silhouette Designs Prosperoso
90 Silhouettes Grafton
91 Small Foundry Furnaces Volume 1: Build an Oil Fired Tilting Furnace Chastain
92 Southwestern Colonial Ironwork Simmons & Turley  
93 Spanish Decorative Ironwork Labarta
94 Techniques of Medieval Armor Reproduction Price
95 The Art of Albert Paley Lucie-Smith
96 The Art of Blacksmithing, revised edition: Copy 1 Bealer
97 The Art of Blacksmithing, revised edition: Copy 2 Bealer
98 The Art of Casting in Iron Bolland
99 The Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden Schmirler
104 The Blacksmith - Ironworker and Farrier Watson
105 The Blacksmiths Cookbook Whitaker
106 The Blacksmiths Craft RDC
108 The Complete Modern Blacksmith Weygers
110 The Contemporary Blacksmith Meilach
111 The Din of a Smithy Stevenson
112 The English Wheel Book Anderson
114 The Mande Blacksmiths McNaughton
116 The Spruce Forge, Manual of Locksmithing Morrison
117 Tools and their Uses Naval Office
119 Treasury of Iron Work Design Crafton
121 Wrought Iron Designs Grave
122 Wrought Ironwork RDC
123 The Tool Steel Guide Szumera
124 Heat Treatment, Selection, and Application of Tool Steels Bryson
125 Tool Makers for Woodworkers Larsen
126 Chasing and Repousse' Corwin
127 Blacksmithing, Hot techniques & striking projects Ares
128 The Metalsmith's Book of Boxes and Lockets McCreight
129 Foldforming Lewton-Brain
130 Crafting With Copper; 27 Creative Projects Freiband
131 Cancelli:  Unique Wrought Iron Gates Industria Italiana
132 The Skills of a Blacksmith Volume I Aspery
133 The Skills of a Blacksmith Volume II Aspery
134 Blacksmithing Basics for the Homestead DeLaRonde
135 The Blackyard Blacksmith Sims
136 Blacksmithng Projects Blandford
137 Blacksmithing, Hot techniques & striking projects Copy #2 Ares
138 Japanese Patinas Sugimori Eitoku
139 Boone Wrought Iron, Products and Practices Don Plummer
140 Chasing, Ancient Metalworking Technique Marcia Lewis
141 Keeper of the Gate, Designs in Wrought Iron by Philip Simmons Claire Greene
142 Wrought Iron, English Edition Fritz Kuhn
143 The Mastermyr Find, A Viking Age Tool Chest Greta Arwidsson
144 A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Decorative Ironwork Otto Hoever
145 Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia Philip B Wallace
146 The Art of Traditional Blacksmithing Copy 3 Havard Bergland
147 Decorative Antique Ironwork Henry D'Allemagne
148 Anvils In America Richard Postman
149 Charleston Ironwork Charles Bayless
150 Fire Place Accessories  Dona Meilach
151 Anvils through the ages Don Plummer
152 The Little Giant Power Hammer Richard Kern
153 Direct Metal Sculpture Meilach
154 Guide to American Pewter Carl Jacobs
155 The Blacksmith's Cookbook Francis Whitaker
156 How to Build a Full Size Coal Forge Don Meador
157 Forge and Anvil Alan Rogers
158 The Skills of a Blacksmith Vol 1 Aspery
159 The Skills of a Blacksmith Vol 2 Aspery
160 Bladesmithing Murray Carter
161 The Complete Bladesmith Jim Hrisoulas
162 Ironwork: Dynamic Details Meilach
163 A Blacksmith's Craft, Legacy of Francis Whitaker Dixon
164 Beautiful Iron, The Pursuit of Excellence Whitaker
165 The Skills of a Blacksmith Vol 3 3/3 Aspery
166 The Skills of a Blacksmith Vol 3 2/3 Aspery
167 The Skills of a Blacksmith Vol 3 1/3 Aspery
V2 Forging Solutions: Power Hammer Techniques Vol. 1 Amit Har-Lev
V3 Forged Animal Heads Epps
V4 Fly Press  
V6 Free Form Forging Yuri Hoffi
V7 Handles and Guards 1 DP Custom Knives
V8 Hot Patinas Techniques for Bronze, Brass and Copper Young
V9 Patinas and Finishes for Iron, Steel and Aluminum Young
V10 Forging Mokume Crawford Knives
V11 Beginning Knifemaking & More Whitley
V12 Patina Basics; Safe Color Solutions for Metalsmiths McCreight
V13 Home Workshop: Knifemaking, Making Utility and Defensive Knives Hayes
V14 Architectural Iron Walt Scadden
V15 Woodwright's Shop PBS
V17 The Wire Damascus Hunting Knife: How to Do It Goddard
V20 Plasma CAM  
V21 Fire Place Equipment, Tape 1 Morh
V22 Fire Place Equipment, Tape 2 Mohr
V23 Blacksmith Journal Technique, Volume 2 BJ
V24 Blacksmith Journal Technique, Volume 1 BJ
V25 18th Century Lighting - Tape 2 Darnell
V26 18th Century Lighting - Tape 1 Darnell
V27 How To Forge a Frontier Style Tomahawk Evans/Crawford
V28 Fire & Roses, Forging a Queen's Rose Hans Schlosser
V29 Forge and Anvil, Projects Vol 1  
V30 Basic Damascus with Ed Caffery Caffery
V31 Making Tongs Epps
V32 Leaves an Flowers Epps
V33 Bugs and Birds Epps



Toni Seccomb and Frank Donahue perusing the NRBA Library at a conference

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II  You are expected to take care of the books and videos and return them on time. 

III  There is no charge for use of the resources, except the postage and mailer to send the books through the mail.  The librarian mails the books to you and you include a check to cover the postage when you send the books back so there is no cost to the NRBA.  

V  Two books may be checked out for one month.  One Video title (may  include more than one tape) may be checked out for two weeks.

VI   Requests will be processed as soon as practicable.

VII  Donations of Blacksmith-Metal Related Books, Videos and Cash are welcome to help the Library increase its resources.

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