NRBA Spring Conference 2010   Joel Machler's Beaver Creek Forge,  Belgrade, Montana. May 14, 15 & 16.

Our host, Joel Machler, making introductions.



Paul Garrett,  Blacksmith in Residence at the John Campbell Folk School, our demonstrator, making a forge weld.


Part of the first element of the quatrefoil project, forge welded and flattened at the tip.


Bending the first arm of the quatrefoil project in a jig---to insure repeatable uniformity---using a bending fork forged earlier in the morning.


The first element, in process...


Bent around into a square with final connecting forge weld remaining to be done.


Scarf --- Prepared for forge welding.


Fluxing for the forge weld.

Forge weld, and first element of the quatrefoil complete.


Upset square corner for outer frame.


Founding NRBA member Dave Brandon.


VP Terry Melton paying close attention.


Glenn Gilmore and Ann Hallowell watching.


Marcus Engler demonstrating proper striking technique.


Rob Detlaff showing Jack Spinner some of the hammers he forged for sale.


Auctioneers, Bob and Jim.



Elements of the quatrefoil collared together.


Joel Machler, host and Paul Garrett, demonstrator, with the finished quatrefoil, made using all traditional blacksmithing techniques: upset square corners, forge welding and collaring.


Drawing by Frank Donohue.


Gallery of members works displayed at the conference:

Scott Roberts with his table.

Fireplace tool shovel forged integrally with the handle by Morris Hallowell.


Lantern by Darin Wicks.


Grille by Jim Bolinger

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