NRBA Spring Conference 2016 - At Stratis and Cameo Sylvyn's, Artistic Stone Metal Timber, in Laurel, Montana

Led by Dave Osmundsen of Arrowhead Forge, our team of certified instructors demonstrated several sections of the Level 1 program. Then, at eight forging stations, members performed the operations, hands-on, themselves.


Dave demonstrating a faggot weld on the folded-over end of a bar to gain mass:


Dave demonstrating forge-welding two scarfed bars together---the process for connecting tong reins to the working parts:


And, member Dyllon Robertus performing the operation:




Joel demonstrating tongmaking, step 1:

The nine steps:


Member forging his own tongs:


Joel helping a member making his tongs:


Frank Donohue forging his tongs:


Steve forging his tongs:


Nathan Kimpell demonstrating forging bolt tongs:



Joel helping a member forging his punch:






Russ, punching the rivet hole in a tong:


And, setting the rivet:


Andy Olds fastening a rivet:



Russ helping a future blacksmith make a twist:


Jem Blueher's high tech ratcheting coal-forge blower:



The storm approaches:

And hail, pounding the tent:


Our host, Stratis Sylvyn, introducing his son to blacksmithing:


Russell auctioneering:





Granite-topped table by our host, Stratis Sylvyn


A section from fifty feet of railing by our president, Frank Annighofer

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