Gunmakers Code Numbers. Ferlach, Austria

Even though a Ferlach gun may bear no maker's name, or may have only the name of a retailer, the first two digits of the serial number signify the actual maker of the gun.


Pre-1945        .xxxx being the maker's serial number

Number              Maker's Name

20.xxxx Stefan Dusel
25.xxxx Martin Kruschitz
27.xxxx Simon Kalishnik
28.xxxx Peter Mischitz
29.xxxx Josef Mischitz
30.xxxx Josef Orasche
31.xxxx Michael Pegam
32.xxxx Anton Sodia
43.xxxx Johann Sigott
44.xxxx Walter Gratzer
45.xxxx Erich Achatz
46.xxxx Josef Schonlieb
47.xxxx Lorenz Schaschl
48.xxxx Josef Fanzoj
49.xxxx Franz Rp. Schmeid
50.xxxx Franz Schmeid
52.xxxx Valantin Rosenzopf


Post-1945        .xxxx being the maker's serial number

Number          Maker's Name       Number     Maker's Name
21.xxxx              Johann Fanzoj        38.xxxx      Genossenschaft (Gunmaker's Guild)
22.xxxx              Josef Hambrusch        39.xxxx      Fachschule (Handgun Tech. School)
23.xxxx              Karl Hauptmann        40.xxxx      Ludwig Borovnik
24.xxxx            Josef Just        41.xxxx      Johan Michelitsch
25.xxxx            Josef Kruschitz        42.xxxx      Josef Winkler
26.xxxx            Jakob Koschat        43.xxxx      Thomas Kulnig
27.xxxx            Simon Kalischnig        44.xxxx      Walter Gratzer
28.xxxx            Peter Mischitz        45.xxxx       Erich Achatz
29.xxxx            Josef Mischitz        46.xxxx       Josef Schonlieb
30.xxxx            Josef Orasche        47.xxxx       Lorenz Schaschl
31.xxxx            Michel Pegam        48.xxxx       Johann Fanzoj
32.xxxx            Anton Sodia        49.xxxx       Franz Schmid
33.xxxx            Franz Sodia        50.xxxx       Franz Schmied
34.xxxx            Johann Sigot        51.xxxx       Gottfreid Juch
35.xxxx           Walter Outschar        52.xxxx       Valentin Roesenzopf's sons
36.xxxx           Wincenz Urbas        53.xxxx       Wilfried Glanznig
37.xxxx            Benedikt Winkler        55.xxxx       Herbert Scheiring

In the photo below, 40.3778 refers to Ludwig Borovnik's gun number 3778.    The [upside down] number 3361.74 refers to the 3361st gun proofed in Ferlach during 1974.


From around 1980, the Ferlach proofhouse adopted a three-letter date code system where the first letter signifies the month and the second and third letter signify the year, as follows:

Month Code Month   Year Code Year Digit
E January   O 0
L February   W 1
N March   K 2
B April   R 3
S May   F 4
Z June   M 5
G July   H 6
P August   Y 7
I September   T 8
C October   D 9
V November      
A December      

BTD, therefore, signifies April, 1989.



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