Exports from other countries to the USA - (Importing into the USA)

Exporting a modern firearm (a cartridge firearm built after 1898) to the USA requires considerable paperwork and expense. For each gun, a US Import License (Form 6) must be granted by our Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms in Washington. For this we use an import agent.  Please see his informational page: Imports

The process takes about two months. Then, shipment may be made to our agent. A customs duty of 6% must be paid on the declared value as well as a further 11% federal excise tax on the ultimate retail selling price. A "Single Entry Bond" must be posted with US Customs at a cost of about US$150. The customs broker and the freight carrier must also be paid. Because of all these expenses, and because we cannot even examine your firearm until all the above is accomplished, it is economically difficult for us to purchase modern firearms from outside the USA.

If you would like to initiate the process, we will first need the following information, for each firearm, for the US Import License Application:

1. Name and address of foreign seller

2. Name and address of foreign shipper

3. Name and address of manufacturer

4. Type: shotgun, rifle, revolver, pistol etc.

5. Calibre, bore or gauge

6. Model (manufacturer's design designation)

7. Barrel length

8. Overall length of firearm

9. Serial number

10. Condition: New or Used

11. Quantity of each type

12. Unit cost

13. Specific purpose of US importation

Do not ship any modern firearm to the United States until you have supplied us with all the above information, we have applied for and been granted an import license. We will then give you shipping instructions. If you were to ship prior to the granting of an import license, the guns would only be intercepted by US Customs and placed in Government storage until the paperwork was completed.


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