Loading Tools and Case Accessories

Loading Tools - A selection of hand tools included with a properly cased vintage gun to ensure its usefulness in the outer reaches of the Empire, far from reliable sources of ammunition.


1.       1. Combination capper/de-capper --- seats and/or removes primers

2.        2. Bullet crimper --- stakes loaded bullet, securing it into neck of brass cartridge

3.       3. Turnscrews (the name for an expensive English screwdriver) --- for removing the rifles locks

4.       4. Firing pin retaining nut wrench --- to facilitate removing and replacing firing pins

5.      5.  Combination case extractor --- for manually removing recalcitrant cartridges stuck in one of the rifle’s chambers

6.       6. Case trimmer --- the cylindrical end is inserted into the empty case mouth and revolved. A short cutting blade at the upper end of the cylindrical portion skives off a bit of excess brass

7.       7. Oil bottle with applicator tip inside screw-cap --- for applying small quantities of lubricant

8.       8. Hollow-point bullet mold insert --- fits into a hole in the bullet mold, adding a male form to the mold’s cavity, for casting hollow-point bullets

9.       9. Bullet mold with sprue-cutter --- for casting bullets in the field

1    10. Dispensing powder-measure/funnel --- for loading one powder charge directly into an empty cartridge case

1    11.  Wad-cutter --- using a hammer, a rock or anything handy, for cutting disk-shaped wads from fibre, leather or anything available

      12.  Bullet seating tool --- remove the long tapered end cap, insert first the bullet and then the charged case, replace the tapered cap;  insert into the other end a concave-faced plunger (hidden in the rifle’s case beneath the bullet seating tool) and drive the bullet home



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