Cello     Duet 350 Stereo Amplifier

350 watts/channel into 8 Ohms. 600 watts/channel into 4 Ohms. Frequency response: 10 -

20kHz +0.0/-0.8dB. THD: 20Hz - 20kHz 0.3% 52.92V output into 8 Ohms. Channel

separation -90dB. Signal-to-noise: 10Hz - 22kHz < -100dB. Input impedance: 1 megOhms.

Input sensitivity: 1.491v 52.92V output, 8 Ohms 350W. Gain: 31dB unbalanced, 37dB

balanced. Internal heatsinks to allow uninsulated mounting of output transistors for more

efficient transfer of both heat and audio output power. Balanced inputs only, on Fischer

connectors. Two pairs screw-terminal outputs per channel for spades only. Dimensions, overall:

12.62" H x 19" W x 23.25" D. Weight: 95lbs. Brushed aluminum finish. With original

owner's manual. Company founded by Mark Levinson, who delivered the unit to me personally,

new, in 1994.    $4500.

With the following interconnects:

                 One pair Cello Strings, 22" & 27" overall lengths, terminated in balanced Fisher connectors compatable with Cello gear.


                One pair Cello strings, 48" overall length, terminated on one end with balanced Fisher connectors compatable with Cello gear, on the other end with balanced XLR connectors suitable for connecting the Duet 350 to other maker's gear.


                One piece, 90" overall length, plain unterminated Cello String 3-conductor-plus-shield with which to make your own.


Read the owners manual: http://www.matthew-james.net/Customer-Content/WWW/CMS/files/Duet-350-Owners.pdf


Specifications, from the Cello Seattle website: http://www.celloseattle.com 

cello duet 350 amplifier  

The Duet 350 Amplifier

Real music fills a room. Even the softest instruments are more present in life than most music systems can reproduce from recordings. Part of the problem has been the limitations in power amplifiers.

The Duet 350 Power Amplifier is a stereo power amplifier that has achieved affordable excellence in sonic quality, power capability and reliability.

In its normal stereo mode it has more than enough power to drive most speakers to their limits with the kind of open, clear, effortless sound which are the hallmark of Cello. When used in a bridged configuration, the Duet 350 becomes a mono block power station capable of high speed and powerful dynamics under any condition.

The Duet 350 Amplifier has been specifically designed by Cello engineers to be compatible with a wide variety of available equipment.

Product Specifications:

Class of operation:
Class AB2

Power Output (single amp):
@8 Ohms Rated: 350 Watts
@4 Ohms Rated: 600 Watts

Power Output (bridged amps):
@8 Ohms Rated: 1,200 Watts

0.3% (60 Hz / 8 Ohms / 52.92 V Output)


THD (20 - 20000Hz):
<0.3% (8 Ohms / 52.92 Volt Output)
<0.6% (4 Ohms / 49 Volt Output)

Frequency Response:
+0/-0.8 dB @ 10 - 20000 Hz

Dynamic Headroom:
1.8 dB

Channel Separation:
90 dB

Signal to Noise:
< -100 dB (10 - 22000 Hz / Rated Output)

Input Sensitivity:
1.491 V (8 Ohms / 350 Watts / 52.92 Volt Output)

Input Impedance:
1 mOhm (Non-Inverting)
5000 Ohm (Inverting)
1 mOhm (Unbalanced)

31 dB (Unbalanced)
37 dB (Balanced)

19"w / 12.62"h / 23.25"d

Shipping Weight:
100 lbs.




Fischer-terminated "Cello Strings" interconnects pictured below:


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