Morris L. Hallowell IV -  Architectural Ironwork

I specialize in custom ironwork, geometric of form and robust of construction where the joinery is the highlight of the design. Rather than decorating surfaces or incorporating images of plants and animals, my goal is to achieve grace of line, balance of proportion, and to show the material as an end in itself.  My products are designed to perform a function, not simply to be art for art's sake. They should be handsome to behold, but they should do something. Whether it be the knocker on your front door, handrails on your stairs or tools for your fireplace, I can craft something you will be proud to own and to use for generations.

I am drawn to strong, simple design forms in which the construction joinery is the inherent decoration, rather than to fancy forms where added decoration confuses one's subliminal comprehension of the construction of the piece. Mortise & tenons, rivets, collars and fluid-form wraps connect the component parts of my projects into a finished whole. In the words of Louis Sullivan, "form ever follows function".

Custom blacksmith work is gladly undertaken. I prefer one-of-a kind projects to production work. I can create a finished piece to your concept, to your specific design or to mine.

To fulfill your concept, made especially for you, takes time. If you are considering some custom hardware for a project you are undertaking, please consider ordering it in parallel with your project rather than waiting until you are ready to install. If you can order it enough in advance, it will be far more likely that it will be ready for you when you are ready for it.

To finish my work, first I vigorously wire-brush the surface of the iron to remove nearly all of the residual scale. Then, I reheat it to around 300 degrees and scorch pure beeswax into the surface of the hot metal. This finish results in a pleasing, matte-lustre, dark, gray color with some depth. While not a rust preventative, it offers reasonable rust resistance while showing the natural color of the steel.

What can be forged for you is essentially limited only by the laws of physics and the combination of your and my imaginations. Merely as suggestions of some of the things that are possible, please see photos of some finished projects via the links below:


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Morris L. Hallowell IV - Architectural Ironwork

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