Historical Gallery of Fine Contemporary Single Shot Rifles Handled by Hallowell & Co. over the Decades

Martin Hagn      Falling Block Single Shot Rifle    Two-Barrel Set, Built on the Hagn action and Hartmann & Weiss Takedown System, with extended upper and lower tangs and two claw-mounted scopes. Engraved by Hans Eisbacher. Cased by Marvin Huey.  More Photos


James Tucker, Steve Heilmann, Clayton Nelson and Sam Welch       Custom Miniature Farquharson     .17 HMR      More Photos


Don Klein     Sculptured, Hagn-Actioned .270 Weatherby with one-of-a-kind, hand-made, quick-detachable scope mount system.      Exhibited at "Three Centuries of Tradition", Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 2003.   More Photos


Martin Hagn     Falling Block Rifle Engraved and Gold Inlaid by Frank Hendricks with octagon-to-round barrel and full, integral rib.   More Photos


Darwin Hensley - Steve Heilmann     Custom Winchester High Wall.   Engraved by Eric Gold.    More Photos


Joseph Smithson.   Custom Scratch-Built Dan'l Fraser Patent Sidelever Falling Block Rifle.   Action, stock and all metalwork hand made by Joseph Smithson.    Serial number 001.   More Photos


Smithson / Heilmann / Hensley / Wallace     Custom Scratch-Built Dan'l Fraser Patent Sidelever Falling Block Rifle.   Action hand made by Joseph Smithson.    Serial number 002.    More Photos


American Custom Gunmakers Guild     Annual Project for 1996     The John Amber Rifle     8x68S    More Photos


Maurice Ottmar     Custom Hagn-Actioned Single Shot Rifle    Engraved by Ron Smith    .257 Weatherby.    More Photos



The Hallowell & Co. Historical Gallery portrays fine guns we have handled over the years and is for informational purposes only. These guns are no longer available today. Please click on any of the links below to see what we actually do have available for purchase.



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