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A H Fox, AE Grade 12ga, 2 1/2" $2,995


28" SxS barrels of Cromox fluid compressed steel, with concave matted rib,

choked improved cylinder & modified. 14 1/8"pull from front trigger to

original buttplate. 1 5/8" - 2 3/4" drop. No cast. Lightly figured, oil finished

stock with Deeley latched splinter forend, round knob half pistol grip,

classic point-pattern checkering and with checkered sidepanels. Automatic

ejectors and manual top tang safety. Weight: 7lbs, 5 1/2oz. Built 1920.

99%+ proper barrel reblue. 95% original triggerguard blue. 70% original

casehardening colors. Tight, mechanically excellent, with sharp engraving

and with mirror-bright bores.


George Hoenig, Rotary Round Action Shotgun 28ga, 2 3/4" $26,750

Boise, Idaho

28" O/U Half Moon barrels with solid matted rib choked improved modified

& extra full. 14 5/8"pull from front trigger to Pachmayr solid brown recoil

pad. 1 1/2" - 2 1/8"drop. No cast. Figured, black-streaked European walnut

stock with fixed, round-sided field forend panels, round knob half-pistol grip,

and classic point-pattern checkering. Coin-finished Hoenig patent rotary

round action machined from S7 tool steel with bushed firing pins and top-

mounted safety lever, fine scroll engraved by Owen Bartlett. Weight: 6lbs,

2oz. To open, rotate barrels 90 degrees: they pull forward effortlessly and

drop down. Dismount the open barrels by withdrawing the extractor slightly;

they slide right off. Immeasurably strong breeching as found in siege

artillery; no stressed hingepin to loosen. Very little used. Rare, ingenious

and exquisitely built. In custom Hoenig Americase. Subject of an extensive

article in Double Gun Journal, Summer 1997.


Steven Dodd Hughes   Custom Philadelphia Fox 16ga, 3" $12,450
  Livingston, Montana

30" SxS gold-banded barrels with bead front sight on matted slightly-

concave rib choked modified & full. 14 3/4"pull from front trigger to solid

black Pachmayr Old English recoil pad. 1 1/4" - 2"drop. Highly figured

English walnut stock with snap-fastened beavertail forend having a quail

inlaid on an escutcheon in multiple colors of gold, round knob Prince-of-

Wales grip, flat sidepanels, fluted comb, finely checkered at 24 lines per inch

and with subtle scallop and ribbon details. Refined receiver, finely scroll

engraved by Michael Dubber, with automatic ejectors, bench-made beaded-

edge triggerguard, manual top tang safety with SAFE engraved on a gold-

inlaid oval. Gold inlaid touchmark, SDH, behind the rear trigger. Weight:

6lbs, 12oz. Originally built 1927. Thoroughly rebuilt by Steven Hughes in

late 1990s and pictured in his book, Fine Gunmaking - Double Shotguns,

pp 12, 18, 19, 23, 25, 32,, 33, 37, 43, 68, 70, 76, 96 & 107. Tight and with

excellent bores.


Ithaca NID   4-E Single Barrel Trap 12ga, 2 3/4" $3,450

32" matted vent-rib barrel with twin white bead sights choked full. 14 1/8"

pull to original Ithaca "Sunburst" recoil pad. 1 1/2" - 2" drop. Neutral cast.

Figured walnut stock with Deeley-release beavertail forend, ribbon & fleur-

de-lys checkering, horn capped pistol grip and vacant gold oval. Engraved in

standard 4-E pattern with a shotgunner on left and an Indian archer on right,

signed by Ithaca's master engraver [Bill] McGraw. Weight: 8lbs, 4oz. Built

1961. Nearly new condition, retaining 99%+ barrel blue, 99%+ triggerguard

and tang blue, and 99% casehardening colors. Tight and with an excellent bore.


Ithaca Grade 4-E   NID 12ga, 2 3/4" $2,495

Single Barrel Trap

32" Matted vent rib barrel with twin white beads choked modified. 14 1/4"

Pull to Pachmayr recoil pad. 2" - 2 3/4" Drop. Figured walnut stock with

ebony forend inlaid, Deeley-latched beavertail forend, capped pistol grip,

vacant gold escutcheon and fleur-de-lys checkering. Weight: 8lbs, 1oz. Built

ca 1930. Retaining 95% barrel blue and 50% receiver casecolors. Tight and

with excellent bore.


Kimber Marias, Grade II    Hand- 20ga, 3" $4,995

detachable Sidelock Ejector Magnum

28" O/U matted vent rib barrels with notchless interchangeable choke tubes.

14 1/4" pull from checkered, fire-blued trigger to checkered wood butt. 1 1/2"

- 2 1/4"drop. Figured walnut stock with Deeley-release schnabel field forend,

round knob pistol grip, English flat-point checkering and teardrops. Light

scroll engraved, casehardened action with cocking indicators and hold-open

toplever. Weight: 7lbs, 5oz. As new, with full-sized patterning sheets and

owner's manual in original box.


R. G. Owen, Boxlock Ejector 12ga, 2 5/8" $17,850

Sauquoit, NY

28 1/2" SxS barrels of Roechling's Spezial steel, with slightly-concave matted

rib inlaid in gold: R G Owen, Sauquoit, NY, choked extra full & extra full.

13 7/8"pull from front trigger to striated wood butt. 1 5/8" - 2 3/8" drop.

1/2" cast-off. Fully figured walnut stock with straight English grip, Anson-

pushbutton-release splinter forend, classic point-pattern checkering

discreetly incorporating Owen's signature arrowheads, vacant gold oval and

gold monogram FWH inlaid into forend. Scalloped, rounded action with

Greener crossbolt, jeweled internal surfaces, fully engraved with English rose

& scroll, enhanced with deeply chiseled oak-leaf fences and rose bouquets

inlaid in multiple colors of gold. Automatic safety with SAFE in gold.

Barreled action built in Germany in 1927. Discrete "MH" mark beside serial

number amongst the proofmarks on both barrels and action---actual maker of

the barrelled action? Weight: 6lbs, 11oz. Tight. Mirror bright bores. Barrels

ring like chimes. 99% blue. 60% case colors. With some documentation, a

double-tiered leather trunk case for this gun and a (no longer present) double rifle.

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