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Chapuis Progress  9.3x74R and $9,975

Boxlock Ejector with Sideplates 20ga, 3" Magnum

Double Rifle and Shotgun Set  

23 1/2" SxS 9.3x74R double rifle barrels with ramp front sight, matted quarter

rib and 1 standing blade rear sight. 26 1/2" SxS 20 gauge shotgun barrels

with shallow matted vent rib, choked improved cylinder & modified. 14

3/4"pull from front trigger to checkered wood butt. 1 1/4" - 2 1/2" drop. 1/4"

cast-off. Figured walnut stock with two Deeley-release beavertail forends,

classic point-pattern checkering, pistol grip with slight palm-swell capped

with silver medallion of baying elk in high relief, and cheekpiece. Scroll and

game scene engraved, coin-finished, sideplated receiver with double

triggers, bushed firing pins and manual top tang safety. Weight: 7lbs, 13oz

as a double rifle; 6lbs, 14oz as a shotgun. Very little used. In maker's leather

trunk case with papers.


Greifelt Bockbuchesflinte 16ga, 2 5/8" / $3,375


27" O/U matted-solid-rib barrels with beaded-blade front sight and folding

rear sight, engraved with retailer's name, C K Ansorg. 14 3/4"pull from

front single-set trigger to solid red Decelerator recoil pad. 1 5/8" - 3" drop.

Figured walnut stock with slender Deeley-release field forend, steel capped

pistol grip, classic point-pattern checkering, beaded pancake cheekpiece and

sling swivels. Scalloped, light scroll engraved casehardened receiver with

double triggers (the front, single-set), cocking indicators, double underbites,

single Kersten lock and manual top tang safety. Weight: 6lbs, 13oz. Built

1926. 99% blue, 75% case colors.


Isaac Hollis & Sons Hammer Toplever Sidelock .500/.450 #1 BPE $7,450

Cape Gun                                        and 16 Gauge

26" SxS damascus barrels with flat matted solid rib, fine bead front sight and

3 folding platinum-lined leaf sights engraved for 100, 200 & 300 yards.

Figured English walnut stock with horn forend tip, Deeley-release splinter

forend, classic point-pattern checkering with mullered borders, horn-capped

pistol grip, vacant brass oval, and original makers monogram checkered

hardrubber buttplate. Peninsular sidelock hammer toplever action with non-

rebounding hammers, double triggers, percussion fences, active doll's head

third fastener and extended bottom tang. Sling eyes on barrel and rear of

buttstock. Pull: 14 1/8". Weight: 8lbs, 6oz. 95% barrel brown. 70% original

casehardening colors. 90% original triggerguard and tang high-polish blue.

Excellent Metford-rifled and smooth shotgun bore. With loading data.


Shotguns of Ulm K-80  Bavaria Grade 12ga, 2 3/4" $16,975

[Krieghoff] Four Barrel Set, plus Skeet Tubes

Matte-nickel finished receiver engraved with two flushing cock pheasants

on left and a fox flushing two ducks on right, all enhanced with English

scroll. Hold-open toplever, top tang safety locked out, and automatic

ejectors. Figured walnut stock with Deeley-release beavertail forend, slight

palmswelled pistol grip, classic point-pattern checkering, comb adjustable

for drop and cast, 14 1/4" nominal length of pull from adjustable-position

single-selective trigger to solid black Kick-EEZ recoil pad.

Barrel #1: 28" O/U ported, matted-vent-rib barrels built to accept choke tubes

and including a total of 3 ported, extended K-80 Rhino choke tubes,

and 7 Krieghoff hand-removable choke tubes.

Barrel #2: 34" un-single trap with adjustable-height Broadway ventilated rib

with 20 points of choke (modified).

Barrel #3: 28" O/U ported, matted-vent-rib barrels choked skeet & skeet, and

with 20ga, 28ga & .410 sub-gauge skeet tubes.

Barrel #4: 32" un-single trap with adjustable-height Broadway ventilated rib

with 34 points of choke (full).

Barrels #1 & #2 supplied with the gun as built in 1983. Barrels #3 & #4

added by Krieghoff in 1986. All barrels numbered to gun and the set in two

separate metal airline cases. 99%blue.


Manufrance Robust No. 32-ES Boxlock 16ga, 2 3/4" $1,995

Ejector "Cape Gun"

27 1/2" SxS monoblock barrels with swamped matted rib and fine bead front

sight. Right barrel 16 gauge, fully rifled for shot or ball. Left barrel

smoothbore for shot, choked modified. 14 3/8"pull from front trigger to

original horn buttplate. 1 3/8" - 2 5/8" drop. No cast. Lightly figured

European walnut stocks with Anson-pushbutton-release splinter forend,

straight English grip, classic point-pattern checkering, and retractable

leather sling built into the toe. Anson & Deeley action with rib-extension

fastener, manual top tang safety and fine English scroll engraving. Weight,

6lbs, 8oz. 98% blue. Traces casehardening colors. Bright bores with just a

little pitting. Tight action.


Merkel 203-E Sidelock Ejector Two 16ga/16ga & $7995

Barrel Combination Set 16ga/5.6x57R

28" O/U shotgun barrels with solid matted rib, choked improved modified &

full. 25" O/U combination barrels with solid matted rib, made and fitted by

Krieghoff in 1970, choked improved-modified with folding leaf rifle sight and

B Nickel 4-6x scope with bold post and crossbar reticle on quick-detachable

claw mounts. All shotgun chambers 2 3/4". 15 1/8"pull from articulated

front single-set trigger to thick striated horn buttplate. 1 1/2" - 2 3/4"drop.

Lightly figured walnut stock with Deeley-release 3-piece field forend

interchangeable between both sets of barrels, steel triggerguard, capped pistol

grip, classic point-pattern checkering, swivels and beaded pancake

cheekpiece. Fully arabesque-scroll-engraved, French-gray receiver with hand-

detachable sidelocks, double Kersten locks, intercepting sears, cocking

indicators, hold-open toplever and manual top tang safety. Weight: 7lbs, 4oz

as a shotgun; 9lbs as a scoped combination gun. Built in 1969. 99%+blue.


Merkel 203-E   Hand-Detachable 16ga / 16ga & $9450

Sidelock Ejector Two-Barrel Set 16ga / 7x65R

28" O/U solid-rib shotgun barrels choked full & full. 25 1/2" O/U solid-rib

combination barrels with folding rifle sight and Hensolt Diavari 1.5-6x

scope on quick-detachable claw mounts, shotgun barrel choked full. All

shotgun chambers 2 3/4". 15 1/4"pull from front single-set trigger to

original buttplate. 1 1/2" - 2 3/4"drop. Lightly figured, oil-finished walnut

stock with Deeley-release 3-piece field forend, horn triggerguard, capped

pistol grip, classic point-pattern checkering, swivels and beaded pancake

cheekpiece. Fully arabesque-scroll-engraved, French-gray receiver with

hand-detachable sidelocks, intercepting sears, cocking indicators and

double Kersten locks. Gold-washed triggers. Weight: 6lbs, 12oz as a

shotgun. Built 1959. 99%+blue. With original factory paperwork and target. 


Perugini & Visini Boxlock Double Rifle & 9.3x74R & 20ga, $18,975

Shotgun Set 3" Magnum

23 3/4" SxS dovetail-lump rifle barrels with ramp front sight, matted quarter

rib, I standing gold-lined express sight engraved for 50 meters, hand-

removable extractor and Kahles 1.1-4.5x20mm scope with fine pointed-post

and crossbars reticle on quick-detachable claw mounts. 28" SxS monoblock

shotgun barrels with flat matted rib, 3" chambers, choked modified & full.

Fully figured walnut stock with lever-release splinter forend, steel capped

pistol grip, beaded pancake cheekpiece, flat sidepanels, extended upper and

lower tangs, beaded-edge triggerguard, classic point pattern checkering, no

swivels and with smooth solid red recoil pad. Scalloped-edge, reinforced,

casecolorhardened receiver with manual top tang safety, articulated front

trigger, borderline engraving and with fine growling lion on underside by

Claudio Tomasoni. Pull: 14 3/8". Drop: 1 3/8" - 2 1/4". No cast. Weight: 7lbs

as a shotgun; 8lbs, 5oz as a plain rifle; 9lbs, 5oz as a scoped rifle. In makers

leather-cornered canvas-covered hard case with canvas overcase. Built 1997

and with shotgun barrels added by the maker in 2001. 99%+blue. 90%

casecolors. Tight, and with excellent bores.

  R B Rodda & Co. "Multum in Uno" 12ga / 12ga / $9995

Hammer Toplever Sidelock .360, 2 1/4" Express

Combination Gun  

28 1/8" barrels: two side-by-side shotgun barrels choked cylinder and

improved cylinder and single rifle barrel centered above with three folding

platinum-lined express sights. 14 1/2 "pull from front trigger to striated horn

buttplate. Figured walnut stock with straight English grip, splinter forend

with Scott release latch, classic flat-point checkering and vacant silver oval.

Fine scroll engraved action with rebounding hammers. Revolving bar on face

of right hammer allows selection of rifle barrel. Weight: 8 lbs, 5 1/2oz.

Barrels of fluid steel; ribs only of damascus. 2 1/2" shotgun chambers.

London black powder proofed. 99% barrel blue, 60% case colors. Tight

action. Shotgun bores excellent. Rifle bore nearly so. Exceedingly rare. 

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