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Custom Hardware

Coat Hook.  Drawn from 1/2" diameter mild steel.                                        Another, forged from 1/2" square bar---with a twist.

To forge the hook above, right, I cut an eight-inch length of inch square bar of mild steel. I lightly hammer it all over and soften the sharp edges. Then, I draw a taper to a point on one end and forge a small scroll at the tip. Next, I make a 1-inch long twist located towards the other end. I then bend the loop of the hook part. Finally, I hammer a flange into the other end and drill a hole for a mounting screw. I vigorously power-wire-brush off the resulting scale, and finish it hot, with scorched-on beeswax.

The finished hook pictured measures about six inches in overall height. There is some variation from one to the next because I forge them free-form; without tooling, jigs or fixtures. I include a 3/8"diameter, hammered, square-head, non-galvanized lag screw, finished to match.


Hooks, of 1/2" square bar with a twist, riveted together to form a coat rack. Hammer-textured and beveled backplate, 2" wide x 1/4" thick.    With this scale hook, just about any length bar can be made. And, heavier-duty versions can also be made.


A 4-hook coat rack, the hooks forged from 5/8" square iron bar, riveted to a 3/8" thick, hammered and beveled backplate.



Coat hooks forged from 3/4inch square bar.      With rope twist, above.                                             Instead of just a twist, the bar is hot-slit through both its X and Y axes and then basket-twisted.


  16" (on center)

  32" (on center)

Towel Rack. For standard stud spacing. Forged from 3/4" diameter mild steel bar. 16" or 32" long. Other sizes available to order.



Above: Hand  towel / dish towel ring. Forged from 5/8" diameter round bar, mounted to a small beveled backplate with a matching bail having upset ends. Approx 6 inches in diameter.

Below: Side view of mounting loop and backplate for the towel ring.



Quick-loading Paper Towel Dispenser.  Left or right-facing. 


   Quick-loading Toilet Paper Holder. Left or right-facing.


Combination easy-loading toilet paper and paper towel dispenser.


Deluxe toilet paper dispenser. Crossbar, captively wrapped through pierced hole in one flange rests in hot-squished groove in the opposing flange.


Shelf Brackets. Forged from 3/8" x 2" solid flat bar. With fishtail scroll terminations and riveted, center-twisted, diagonal braces forged from 5/8" square iron bar. Both legs, 10 1/2" long.


Brackets with upset, flared ends.



Shelf bracket with fishtail scrolls at ends forged form 1/4" x 2" flat bar, and with centrally-twisted, riveted diagonal support forged from 1/2" square bar.



  Beer Opener with copper-riveted, hand-detachable catch-box.


Twisted-Handle Beer Opener.


Return air grille for forced-air heating system.


Potrack. To be mounted to a large exposed structural beam.


Wall-mounted Pot Rack, with movable hooks.



   Curtain Rod Set. Rod forged from one-inch solid round iron bar with upset ends.   Shipping may be prohibitively expensive for longer lengths.



    Curved-back bracket for mounting curtain rod on log wall.


Backplated bracket for mounting curtain rod on flat wall.


   Iron wand with twisted handle for opening and closing loop-tab-hung curtains.



Boot Scraper. 12 1/2" wide. Uprights drawn from 7/8" round stock. Plates 3/8" thick, with beveled edges. Overhangs edge of deck so scrapings fall directly to ground, not the deck.



Boot Jack. Arms forged from one-inch round bar, hot-punched at the apex to allow the pass-through of the vertical post and wrapping of its tapered tendril.  Base 3" x 11" x 3/8"thick with beveled edges.


Example of square-head, non-galvanized, hammered and scorched-wax finished lag screws, supplied with most surface-mounted hardware.



  Morris Hallowell with forged and counterbalanced iron doors for the wood-fired artisanal bread and pizza ovens at Gil's Goods in in Livingston, Montana



Mirror. Or, picture frame, by Ann Hallowell.



Note: None of the above hardware can be mounted to sheetrock alone. There is no moly-bolt on earth that can bear the weight of the iron and of whatever load it is asked to bear. All iron hardware that I forge must be mounted either directly to solid wood, or if to sheetrock, well through it to solid wood blocking or to studs behind.



To fulfill your concept, made especially for you, takes time. If you are considering some custom hardware for a project you are undertaking, please consider ordering it in parallel with your project rather than waiting until you are ready to install. If you can order it enough in advance, it will be far more likely that it will be ready for you when you are ready for it.

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