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Door and Cabinet Hardware


Norfolk Door Latch.  Backplate 10 1/4 inches high, 2 1/2 inches with and a solid 3/8 inches thick, with beveled edges.  Front and rear sides pictured. Complete with all parts pictured below, and including seven square-head lag screws, hammered and finished to match.




Norfolk-style door pull, as above, but without latch mechanism. Including hammered, non-galvanized, square-head lag screws, finished to match.   




Above: Refrigerator Door Pulls. 18" long. Rope twisted, 1-inch-square steel bar stock. 


Two photos below: Refrigerator door pull designed and forged by Ann Hallowell.  3/4" Square bar, twisted in the center and upset at the ends. 19" overall length.  Base post transitions to tapered tendril, wrapping around and securing the handlebar. Base drilled and tapped for mounting screws entering through the backside of the mounting panel.


And below, four door pulls of the same design---the grab handles forged from one-inch square solid iron; with backplates. Overall length 25 inches.


Thirteen similarly-forged door pulls by Ann Hallowell for a Colorado horse barn; the backplates 3" x 12".


Above photo: Door or Refrigerator pulls by Morris Hallowell. Forged from 1-inch square bar, with central rope twist. Overall length, 22 inches.


Above photo: Refrigerator door pull by Morris Hallowell. Forged from 1-inch square bar, with robust central basket twist. Overall length, 19 inches.



 Closet Door Pulls.  Forged from 3/4" round bar.                                                                  Cabinet Door (or) Drawer Pulls.  Forged from 1/2" diameter round stock.  


Door, cabinet or drawer pulls forged, top to bottom, from 1/2", 5/8" and 7/8" round bar.


Half inch diameter drawer pull, longer version as in the three handle photo above.


Half inch diameter drawer pull, compact version.



3/4" towel bar; 1/2" drawer and cabinet door pulls installed.



Cabinet door or Drawer knobs. Round or Square. Differentially-squished solid steel, drilled and tapped for standard 1/4-20 machine screws from the back side. Large (the rear section abutting the drawer, 1 inch square). Small (the rear section 3/4 inch square)


Five functioning strap hinges, mounted with hand-forged clavos-head bolts from the front and fixed at the rear with handmade decorative nuts. Norfolk latch. Fishtail-scroll deadbolt and Speakeasy grille. Installed on an 3" thick oak door 48" wide by 96" tall. All ironwork by Morris Hallowell.


Linkage to operate a high transom window.


Lanterns by Ann Hallowell.    Hinge straps and  cross-barred "Speakeasy" window frame by Morris Hallowell.


Door Bolt.  Forged from 3/4" square iron bar with fishtail scroll handle. Note bulges in backplate and striker plate flanges around hot-punched bolt raceway holes. Mounting screw holes concealed behind locking bar, exposed upon removal of face-mounted stop-bolt.

Various striker plates available depending upon configuration of installation. Top: for installation in door jamb; Middle: for surface mounting; Bottom: for inletting into perpendicularly sliding door. 

Below: Installed on a hinged door with striker plate installed into the jamb.



Complementing Shelf Bracket and Cabinet Pull Set---the bracket diagonals and the handles forged from 5/8" square iron bar, each with a rope twist in the center.


Ring pull inletted flush into the surface of a trap door. Five inches square, 3/4" thick plate, with inset 4-inch diameter ring forged from 3/4 inch round bar. The mounting bolts squished in flush with the mounting plate.


Door stop. Forged from one-inch solid round bar.


Note: None of the above hardware can be mounted to sheetrock alone. There is no moly-bolt on earth that can bear the weight of the iron and of whatever load it is asked to bear. All iron hardware that I forge must be mounted either directly to solid wood, or if to sheetrock, well through it to solid wood blocking or to studs behind.


To fulfill your concept, made especially for you, takes time. If you are considering some custom hardware for a project you are undertaking, please consider ordering it in parallel with your project rather than waiting until you are ready to install. If you can order it enough in advance, it will be far more likely that it will be ready for you when you are ready for it.

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