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Door Knockers

All door knockers are fitted to backing plates, 3/8" thick, with beveled edges.

Prices include your choice of either drilled mounting holes for visible surface lag screws, or threaded rods mounted to the rear for blind-mounting with nuts on the inside of the door.


  Door knocker, forged from 1 1/4" diameter solid iron bar, tapered at both ends to 5/8" and brought around to a slightly ovoid ring.  $250.                                                                 Interwoven Ring Door Knocker. Backplate: 3 3/4" x 10 3/4".  $325.                            




Four-turn twisted and upset ring door knocker. The ring forged from 1 1/4" solid square iron bar.   $350.


Ovoid doorknocker with ring drawn down from 1 1/2 inch bar and with its sharpest curve at the thickest point where it is most difficult to bend. Backplate 3" x 9". $250.



Heavy Door Knocker, forged from 2 1/4" square bar drawn down to 1" diameter passing through bale.                                        Stirrup Door Knocker  8" High.  





                                                    Twisted Ring Door Knocker                                                                                                                      Tapered Circular Door Knocker  


Knocker forged from two separate pieces of 1 1/2" square bar. The base: drawn out to a taper on one end, and spread out flat on the other. The knocker: bent and bulged at one end, and drawn out to a taper at the other. Then, both tapered ends twisted together.




To fulfill your concept, made especially for you, takes time. If you are considering some custom hardware for a project you are undertaking, please consider ordering it in parallel with your project rather than waiting until you are ready to install. If you can order it enough in advance, it will be far more likely that it will be ready for you when you are ready for it.

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