Morris L Hallowell IV - Custom Architectural Ironwork

Gates, Handrails & Guardrails

Stair Guardrail Sections between wooden newel posts. Pickets upset at bottoms, alternately with a rope twist at center, and split at the tops, straddling the top rail and riveted in place.  Detail of split, below.

  Stair rail picket feet upset at an angle to conform to the baseplate.



Guardrail for Livingston, Montana Library by Ann Hallowell


Kitchen Dog Gate


Kitchen Dog Gate Latch


Cellar Stair gate


Dog gate by Ann Hallowell


Balcony railing with upset picket feet, alternately flame-tapered and rivet-tennoned picket heads, collared links and broad twists, by Morris Hallowell. Hammer-textured throughout. Burnished. Then, finished with varnish-linseed oil-turpentine mixture.



Details from above railing:     Broad Twist.                                               Collar.                                                   Upset Foot.of Picket




Forged handrail on fabricated utility shop stair. Pickets riveted, top and bottom.        Picket foot detail.


  Corner support for display tent by Ann Hallowell



Handrail section. Pickets formed from one-inch square stock, upset at both top and bottom and with single broad twist in alternating direction, every other picket.



Short section of handrail for a front porch.


Combination Guardrail and Handrail. Open stairwell with laundry chute down the center.


Symetrical pair of handrails for square columns at the sides of a short run of porch steps. 1 1/4" diameter.


Grab Rail, curved to suit a round column.  Also 1 1/4" Diameter, solid forged steel.


Stair Handrail. 1 1/4" Diameter, solid forged steel.

Stair Handrail detail.


To fulfill your concept, made especially for you, takes time. If you are considering some custom hardware for a project you are undertaking, please consider ordering it in parallel with your project rather than waiting until you are ready to install. If you can order it enough in advance, it will be far more likely that it will be ready for you when you are ready for it.

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