Part of a small collection of Webley commercial revolvers.     (You will likely need to scroll your browser window side-to-side and up-and-down to see the entire image.)

Details, in no particular order:

P. Webley & Son 1895 WG Target .450/.455  

7-1/2" barrel. Adjustable rear sight. Square butt with checkered walnut grips

and lanyard ring. High-polish blue finish. Nickel-plated front sight protector.

In maker's oak case with pivoting hook closure, circular medallion on lid,

lined in blue baize and with oak partitions, cartridge block with 6 expended

cases, ebony handled turnscrew, cleaning rod, crystal oil bottle, and with

horn knobbed covered compartment containing the key. From the Dr. John

and Margaret Pickup Collection, Tasmania. With Webley Revolver license

number 595309 in favor of R. S. Berry, being property of Transvaal Horse

Artillery". Enclosed is 1954 South African pistol license. Excellent

condition, retaining approx 90% original lustrous blue overall, nicely

silvered on sharp edges, with some minor flaking. Major loss is at rear grip

strap with some at front strap in front of trigger guard bow. Hammer and

ejector mechanism retain nearly all of their original bright polish. Bore is

excellent, bright and shiny throughout. Action is crisp. Grips are lightly

worn. Sight protector is excellent. Case is excellent, retaining nearly all its

orig exterior varnish with some minor stains. Interior cloth is very fine with

some marks and slight soiling. Accessories are good, oil bottle dark with

congealed oil.

Webley & Scott W.G. Model 1886 Army Model .455/476  

6" octangular barrel. Nickel-silver front sight blade. Fixed rear sight. Flared

checkered walnut grips. Polished trigger. Checkered hammer and cylinder

release cam. Lanyard loop. Integral triggerguard. Marked ARMY & NAVY

C.S.L. on barrel rib. Winged bullet/ W&S on left of frame. The right side of

the frame is stamped with serial number 7492, matching cylinder 492. In

original retailer's oak storage/display case with poplar wood bottom with

brass reinforcing screws on the lid and base. The top of the lid has a 2 1/2

inch square, unmarked, silver presentation plate inlaid in the center. The

inside of the lid has a 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" label: ARMY AND NAVY CO-



baize and with six compartments including a twenty-four round cartridge

block, a brass cleaning rod, small square cut glass oil bottle with nickle-

silver top, horse-hair brush and screw driver with dark rosewood handle.

Excellent condition with 97%+ original early high-polish finish overall with

some minor flaking of the blue finish on the side of the cylinder and one very

small spot on the left underside of the barrel. The walnut grips in excellent

condition with distinct, sharp checkering on both sides with light wear

across the tops of the checkering.


P. Webley & Son 1896 "WG" Army Model .455/.476  

6" octangular barrel. Nickel-silver front sight blade. Flared checkered black

monogram Vulcanite grips with gothic WG logo. Polished trigger.

Checkered hammer and cylinder release cam. Lanyard loop. Integral

triggerguard. Marked P Webley & Son, London & Birmingham on barrel

rib. Winged bullet/ W&S on left of frame. Appears unfired but with 5% of

blue flaking on right side. Purchased by Smith & Wesson factory to examine

the latch design system. They built a copy of it as a study piece. From the

Smith & Wesson Museum Collection.


Webley & Scott Model 1903 Large Frame .455 Eley  

Webley Fosbery

6" standard-lug, ribbed barrel with open sights. Lightning holes in integral

holster guides. 1.50" front-fingernail-fluted cylinder. Diamond-shaped

rotation stud. Checkered low-spur hammer. Checkered stirrup latch. Integral

triggerguard. Top-mounted cylinder release button. Checkered black

Vulcanite grips with SAFE molded into upper left side recess. Lanyard loop.

Winged bullet/W&S and .455 CORDITE on left side of frame. All

matching numbers. Retailed by Army & Navy CSL, as marked on barrel.

PMBC on backstrap. Mfd 1905. Birmingham proofed under the rules of

1904. Small chip missing from top left of left grip below safety lever.

Excellent bore. 90% brushed blue finish.


P. Webley & Son, W.G. Model 1892 Revolver .455/.476  

London & Birmingham

6" octangular barrel with blade front sight. Fixed rear sight. Nickel finish.

Church-steeple cylinder flutes. Checkered hammer and cylinder release cam.

Black Vulcanite birdshead grips. Lanyard loop. Winged Bullet/W&S

trademark. Serial number 5984 matching cylinder 964. Engraved on the

underside of the barrel: Major J. B. Woon 40th PATHANS. In oak

storage/display case with poplar wood bottom with brass reinforcing screws

on the lid and base. The top of the lid with round brass escutcheon plate

inlaid in the center, engraved F. H./24th Regiment. Case lined with navy

blue baize and with six compartments including a 30 round cartridge block,

brass cleaning rod, small square cut glass oil bottle with nickel-silver top

and walnut handled screwdriver. 95%+ nickle finish remaining. Tight and

with excellent bore. The 40th Pathans was an infantry regiment of the

British Indian Army, raised in 1858 as the Shahjehanpur Levy. It was

designated as the 40th Pathans in 1903 and became 5th Battalion (Pathans)

14th Punjab Regiment in 1922. Major J. B. Woon served in this unit and

later became Lieutenant General. In 1947 the unit was allocated to the

Pakistan Army, where it continues to exist as 16th Battalion of the "The

Punjab Regiment". From the start this unit served in numerous battles and

engagements in the Far East up and through World War II for the British

Empire. The 24th Foot infantry Regiment was involved in numerous battles

throughout the world; most notably during the Zulu wars; specifically at

Isandhlwana on 22nd Jan, 1879 and also at Rorke's Drift, 22nd-23rd Jan


P. Webley & Son. Presentation "WG" Army Model .455/.476 Eley  

Retailed by George Gibbs  

6" ribbed barrel with tall nickel-silver blade front sight, engraved George

Gibbs, Bristol. U-notch rear sight integral with special-order right-hand

barrel latch for left-hand shooting. Smooth figured walnut birds head grips.

Lanyard loop. Rounded cylinder flutes. Bushed firing pin. Full coverage, fine

scroll engraving and silver scroll inlay and with silver-inlaid Zulu shield

and spears on topstrap. Inlaid silver inscription on rear gripstrap: "Lieut

Colonel the Hon'ble Maurice Raymond Gifford / Presented by Gifford's

Horse, Matabeleland 1896." Gifford had raised the regiment from his family

estate in Gloucester. Because of the engraving, there are no standard

markings on exterior of revolver; rather, Webley Patents, Winged Bullet/WS

and "WG" Army Model are stamped on the inside floor of the frame. In

velvet-lined oak & leather case with Gibb's label, two turnscrews, cleaning

rod, crystal oil bottle, covered compartment for 25 cartridges and with silver

presentation plaque on lid. Birmingham reproofed 1963. 90% original blue.

                                 According to the late Robert C. Gillie in 1999: "You'll

notice that on the Gifford revolver the stirrup opening-lever is reversed.

Gifford, who I believe won the VC, had his right arm shot off; consequently

Webley's made up a custom-built W.G. since he only had a left hand."

And, from Wikipedia: Hon. Maurice Raymond Gifford CMG (5 May

1859 1 July 1910) was a British military officer. Born at Ampney Park,

Gloucester, he was the son of Robert Francis Gifford, 2nd Baron Gifford, and

the brother of Edric Gifford, 3rd Baron Gifford. On the completion of his

education he entered the Merchant Service, and was on board the training

ship Worcester for three years. In 1878, he entered the service of the British

Steam Navigation Company, in which he remained until 1882, visiting

many parts of the globe. That same year he fought in the Mahdist War and

served as assistant correspondent to the Daily Telegraph at the time of the

engagement of Tel-el-Kebir. He then went to Canada for 11 years and fought

in the Red River Rebellion as one of French's Scouts under Lord Minto,

earning a medal and clasp. Next, Gifford went to South Africa and became

General Manager of the Bechuanaland Exploration Company and soon

became involved in the First Matabele War, 1893. In the Second Matabele

War, 1896, he was part of the Bulawayo Field Force during the Siege of

Bulawayo, raised Gifford's Horse, and lost his right arm to a Nbatabele

bullet. In the Second Boer War he was attached to the Imperial Yeomanry

and was part of the Rhodesian Horse. He participated in the Relief of

Mafeking. He married Marguerite Thorold, the daughter of Capt. Thorold of

Boothby, on 21 September 1897. Among the presents Gifford gave to his

wife at the wedding, was the bullet that cost him his arm. He set it in

Matabele gold and arranged it so that the yellow metal formed a double-

headed serpent.

Webley & Scott Mark IV .22 LR  

6" octangular barrel with pinned front sight blade. Adjustable rear sight.

Holster guides. Stepped cylinder. Square butt. Checkered black hard rubber

grips with script W&S logo. Lanyard ring. Striated hammer and stirrup

lever. Winged bullet on right barrel lug. Mark IV .22 (LONG RIFLE) on left

barrel topstrap. 95% commercial blue.


Webley & Scott Mark VI, "WS" Target Model .455 Eley  

7 1/2" octangular barrel. Adjustable front and rear sights. Checkered trigger,

hammer and stirrup latch. Square butt checkered walnut grips. Lanyard loop.

Integral holster guides. Screwed-on triggerguard. Winged bullet on left of

frame. 97% commercial blue.

Webley & Scott Mark VI .22 LR  

6" cylindrical pencil barrel. Adjustable rear sight. Stepped, fluted cylinder

with recessed chambers. Square butt. Checkered black hard rubber grips.

Lanyard ring. Mark VI .22 on left side of barrel topstrap. Winged

bullet/W&S on left side of frame. With "Snap Pad" hammer protector. 95%

commercial blue.



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